Sangha / Legs up the Wall

legsupthewall My intent for the month of October was to get into the local yoga studio at least a few times & take some personal time for myself. I’m a busy mother & work from home. My husband is away most of the time. Things get hectic. I cope very well. Yet – I was feeling a lack of sangha (for me, that is connecting to Buddhists through yoga & sharing the spirit of Buddhist teachings).

November came quickly finding me cloistered with family & work, squeezing yoga in wherever I could, usually after ten pm. Last week brought chaos as well as terrible news about an old flame. It drained me. I was very sad. Life goes that way sometimes. I think we need to experience dark moments authentically and walk ourselves through them as best we can. Bravely, so we can proud when we come back into the light.

This week things went back to the usual hectic-happy awesome life, but I see how I need community more than ever. So, here’s to the hard lessons – As in: I need to make sure my needs are met, even though it feels great to put everyone else first. I organized a weekly meet-up to connect some of the awesome women I know here & I’m arranging getting myself to the yoga studio at least once a week. Making time for myself outside work & family life may feel funny for awhile. But I think I will get used to it.

That rough week brought a lot to the surface. I am glad for all the reminders. Hold your folks tight. Make peace with all you can – if you can. Respect where others have brought you though the ride may have been bumpy. Be grateful. Be a part of the lives around you. Don’t forget to feed yourself with the fire of what inspires you. When you share your energy, it grows. Viparita Karani “Legs up the Wall” pose is more powerful that it looks.

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